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Vin Diesel sings Sam Smith's "Stay With Me"

Well.....I guess you could call what he is doing "singing"....hehe! Actually, it's so's good, right?
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High School Senior May Have Solved Hot Car Child Deaths

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RIHANNA Snaps on a Fan Asking for Autograph

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NEW VIDEO Surfaces: Tim McGraw Slapping Victim Smacks Singer's Butt

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11 Foods That Make You HUNGRIER

Ever notice how once you start eating sushi, you get hungrier and hungrier? Turns out, you're not imaging it. White rice is one of those foods that work with your body chemistry to make you hungrier. Foods that are high in sugar and salt will also make you eat more. According to health experts, these are the 11 foods that will make you hungrier:

White bread


Salty snacks

Fast food


White pasta


Sushi rolls

Artificial sweeteners

Kids' cereals


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NEW Video: Orlando Bloom Allegedly Swipe at Beiber

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I LOVE This Bedside Coffee Machine Alarm Clock

It's called the Barisieur

LINK to the Designer's Website
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This Hips Don't Lie Accapela Cover is AWESOME!!!!

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Dr. Stafford w/ Daria Mitch and Ted 7-23-2014

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Fill 100 Water Balloons in a Minute!

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