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Watch This Guy Put His Pants On Using No Hands

Interesting choice of song to put your pants on to...
Ya gotta see this

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PLEASE help Furby Find His New Family!!

Settling into a new home and lifestyle takes time for a lot of dogs, and Furby will be no exception. However, if you are willing to give him the time to become familiar with you and your routines, we think you will be more than happy with the outcome. Furby may never be a social butterfly and is easily overwhelmed. He will do best in a low-traffic home that will provide a calm, consistent environment. A training consult is included with his adoption.
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WHAT?!?! HOW?!?! 80 Year Old Couple Survives Flip-over Poses for Selfies!

But i'm tellin' you, won't believe it

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Is This Famous Harmonica Rift a Ripoff?!

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Man's Missing 12-Year-Old Son Found Alive, Live National TV

This may be the weirdest clip you see this week

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Get Your iPhone to Stop Autocorrecting Certain Words

How to Got Your iPhone to Stop Autocorrecting Certain Words
>Go to Settings.
>Go to General.
>Scroll down for Keyboard
>Hit Shortcuts
Just add the word or phrase you want, but instead of entering an actual shortcut, actually add the SAME word, it will stop autocorrecting the word you mean to type.

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Here's Your Annual Reminder!!!

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US Student Rescued From Giant Lady Part

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Hilarious Flight Attendant Safety Announcment

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Father and Daughter Get Into Car Chase With Thieves

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