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Jon Bon Jovi's recording debut....on a Star Wars Christmas Album?!? (Crazy

Yes, it's true. Seventeen year old Jon Bon Jovi was doing janitor duty at his cousin's recording studio, where Meco was there recording Christmas in the Stars: The Star Wars Christmas Album (hey, back in the day, that was a pretty big deal! ) His cousin recommended Jon to Meko for the song "R2-D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas" and Jon got the gig. I'm sure he was pretty excited at the time, but you don't hear him bragging about it to his friends these days! LOL! When you listen to it (above), you'll understand why.

12/18/2009 10:35AM
Jon Bon Jovi's recording debut....on a Star Wars Christmas Album?!? (Crazy News Quiz)
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12/18/2009 8:35PM
Sheryl, That has got to be one of the funniest things I've ever heard! My husband is an avid Star Wars fan (seriously...a BIG fan)and his passion has spread to our four daughters. We have already listened to it five times. Thank you for posting, I will be making a trip to the store to find that CD. Unfortunately, we may have unleashed a Star Wars Christmas tradition :)
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