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Seriously? THIS is the hottest fashion trend for MEN in 2010?

Ummmmm....I can't really see MY man wearing this! Can you see your man rocking the cape? LOL! Seriously....Hot or Not? Post a comment and you could win a New Moon T-shirt! (waaaayyyy cooler than a cape!)

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11/13/2009 11:22AM
Seriously? THIS is the hottest fashion trend for MEN in 2010?
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11/13/2009 11:40AM
Rachel Campero
"I got my hair cut and they let me keep the cape!"
11/13/2009 11:40AM
Sandi Olsabeck
Cape?? What cape?? (hard to see past the model!) Anyway, hummmm ~~ Cape on my guy...Only at a Halloween party.
11/13/2009 11:40AM
No way! The cape is NOT coming back. I know there is a lot of hype over the vampire stuff, but real people are not going to wear a cape!
11/13/2009 11:42AM
no capes "Edna Mode"
11/13/2009 11:45AM
I'm just waiting for him to pull the rabbit out of a hat and then disappear in a puff of smoke. Dang I just wish the cape would disappear at least.
11/13/2009 12:41PM
Chelsea Sauer
I don't like capes. I think it's a little too medieval. You either have to look like a sexy vampire or wear the perfect outfit to go with it and most guys probably wouldn't.
11/13/2009 1:08PM
John G.
Quick, someone just stole young Sherlock's pipe and cap!
11/19/2009 8:20AM
NO!! The fashion industry has lost its mind. Or the fact that they turn to movies to get an idea for the next "trend". The only reason why I could see a guy wearing a cape is that of the fact that its going to be raining for the next six months, or the fact that he decided to go to work as a superhero come Monday morning... again on the rainy day. Uggg.
11/29/2009 7:49AM
Why not, I like it!
02/04/2010 11:02AM
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04/23/2010 9:27AM
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05/03/2010 10:02AM
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09/15/2010 10:09AM
Frank D.
He ladies come on! A real guy decides for himself what he wears as it is a womens rigth to determine her own taste. I do like this combination. I agree it is not usual for men to wear capes in public as daily wear but why should all men be always condemned to be dressed like grey average monkeys ? You have to have as a man some courage to wear this and you must not have fear to show that you are an individual but YES I like capes and do wear them. I do not have negative experiences at all with this but I agree that you have to search the rigth combination. Your cape must combine with the other clothes and should be knee-length. I prefer the dandy style of the roaring twenties of last age and I have succes with it. I can recommend it to other men, and especially women are most charmed by it. Cheers, Frank
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