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Crazy News Quiz for Thursday, Sept. 10

Q- According to a top Hollywood stylist, this 80's fashion horror is baaaaack. It's also the top fashion trend for women this fall. what is it? A- Shoulder pads. (eeeeek!) victoria beckham Rihanna Yes. Really. There are many articles out there about this evil fashion industry plot to make us look stupid yet again ;-) ....but this article by the La Times goes a bit deeper into the "WHY" the scary 80's clothes are back.

09/10/2009 10:16AM
Crazy News Quiz for Thursday, Sept. 10
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09/10/2009 10:42AM
Rene Mace
I am waiting for the BIG hair! and lots of hairspray to come back! I knew it was shoulder pads! LOL
09/10/2009 10:46AM
09/10/2009 12:15PM
Oh my! Shoulder pads??? I'm not sure those look good on ANYONE.... The thing I would hate to see make a comeback from the 80's would have to be hammer pants!
09/10/2009 12:16PM
Big belts, lots of bangles, paisley shirt, big earrings - unfortunately my well-meaning HS friends are posting evidence of FB
09/24/2009 8:11PM
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10/10/2009 8:13PM
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10/20/2009 9:48PM
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