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Worst outfit ever = NEW CAPTION CONTEST!

If you listen to the show, you know I looooove me some "Ugly Betty", so while I am anxiously awaiting the start of the new season, I'm online pretty much every day, looking for spoilers. Yesterday, when I found this, I almost spit my latte all over the computer screen...laughing! This, my friends, is BEGGING for some funny captions and comments.....so have at it! I'll choose a winner by 3pm today and give them a family 4 pack of passes to the Oregon State Fair!

08/26/2009 7:18AM
Worst outfit ever = NEW CAPTION CONTEST!
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08/26/2009 7:25AM
Janelle Ochs
Headline: "Homeless lady begs for change in exchange for entertainment: the hot dog dance."
08/26/2009 7:32AM
Oh I wish I were an Os-car Mayer Wie - ner That is what I'd tru-ly like to be 'cause if I were an Os-car May-er Wie - ner Ev-ery one would be in love with me.
08/26/2009 7:38AM
Do you miss those concession jingles from the old drive-in intermissions? Well, now you're in luck! Introducing: Snacks on Broadway: The Musical! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll get hungry. So don't wait to get your tickets, they just might expire.
08/26/2009 7:39AM
i'm not bragging but i think i've got the biggest one.
08/26/2009 7:53AM
I don't care what anyone says....SIZE DOES MATTER!! and I AM the biggest WEINER!!
08/26/2009 7:55AM
Man, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing those shoes...
08/26/2009 7:57AM
It's like throwing a hotdog down a hallw... nevermind.
08/26/2009 8:00AM
I am the magical Sausage Genie. I will grant you three processed meat wishes if you pass the mustard.
08/26/2009 8:02AM
I said that I wanted to be a "WINNER"!
08/26/2009 8:02AM
Remember the time Fonzi jumped over that Shark? ...THAT was great TV!
08/26/2009 8:43AM
"Hey! Wheres the catsup and mustard!?"
08/26/2009 9:34AM
Joan Robinson
I am a happy hotdog...I am a happy hotdog...
08/26/2009 9:35AM
Hey, you have some mustard right there...no a little higher...
08/26/2009 9:41AM
I am happy hotdog...I am a happy hotdog...I am..oh forget it.
08/26/2009 9:58AM
Dont have to worry about getting that one stuck in your zipper....
08/26/2009 9:58AM
My hot dog has a first name, it's OMYFG!
08/26/2009 9:59AM
looks like the buns she is holding on to wont fit the dog...
08/26/2009 10:00AM
Take THIS, Kobiyashi!
08/26/2009 10:01AM
Donald Sutherland said of America's antics, "To tell you the truth I am a bit upset as I was just about to dress up like a giant pickle to promote 'Dirty Sexy Money'."
08/26/2009 10:02AM
those bags must not be for one size fits most....
08/26/2009 10:03AM
Let me be frank... no, seriously!
08/26/2009 10:06AM
Frankly, she doesn't give a damn.
08/26/2009 10:06AM
I relish my weiner....
08/26/2009 10:06AM
That's the wurst outfit I've seen all week.
08/26/2009 10:08AM
So thats why I smell like a hotdog...
08/26/2009 10:08AM
Free hot dog bring your own bun
08/26/2009 10:10AM
I am as plump as they come
08/26/2009 10:10AM
This just in... America held captive by hot dog. More at eleven.
08/26/2009 10:12AM
I've never seen a hot dog stand like that before.
08/26/2009 10:14AM
America's new favorite pasttime.
08/26/2009 10:15AM
Lets get together and ketchup
08/26/2009 10:16AM
This is the ball park headquarters
08/26/2009 10:19AM
Sheryl Stewart promised me Miley tickets if I wore this to the Westminster Dog Show.
08/26/2009 10:25AM
Anybody seen one large bun on the run!
08/26/2009 10:30AM
I bet that weiner gets better credit than he did
08/26/2009 10:33AM
Is betty its personal trainer???
08/26/2009 10:36AM
She wanted to take the oscar mayer weiner bus instead of a limo this time
08/26/2009 10:39AM
Is this the new body pillow????
08/26/2009 10:39AM
The new bailout plan...
08/26/2009 10:44AM
Is this a three legged race she's in????
08/26/2009 10:51AM
This is an Oregon State Fair Corndog before it is cooked, now you know why the cover it in batter.
08/26/2009 10:55AM
"On the red carpet with America Ferrera. America, who are you wearing this evening?" "Oh this? it's Oscar DeLa Meyer."
08/27/2009 6:39AM
Sheryl Stewart
Alright....we have a winner! Three of 'em! Congrats to Scott for this winning line: "I said that I wanted to be a “WINNER”!" ...and congrats to Cory for this one: “On the red carpet with America Ferrera. America, who are you wearing this evening?” ....and congrats to Trisha for this one: "Lets get together and ketchup" You have ALL won passes to the Oregon State Fair....check your inbox for an email from me later today with details!
08/27/2009 10:57AM
Yay thanks....
09/05/2009 6:49AM
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10/23/2009 1:38AM
Ironical, after being ate by the giant, she did not come out smelling like roses.
04/07/2010 10:21AM
Are you guys positive this thing is on right because i feel like Prymaat with a fuba.....Not SUPER UGLY WEINER GIRL.....like you said!
04/28/2010 3:33AM
Katie Kingdon
"I'm the Weinie Genie!... has anyone seen my buns?"
05/20/2010 7:29AM
Carly Guerrero
My 2 yr old Caleb loves beef hot dogs and he has this thing about licking. Was holding him while looking at this and he leaned in and licked the screen
06/08/2010 8:51AM
Natacia Louvier
Hey ma! I found Aunt Betty's bloomers!
07/29/2011 3:35PM
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