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Why People Are Putting Butter In Their Coffee


This doesn't seem like it would work.....or very healthy, for that matter. People are starting to put BUTTER in their coffee to lose weight. It's called "Bulletproof Coffee" (google for the recipe). It's popular with people on the Paleo diet. Supposedly, it give you a boost of energy and the animal fat makes you feel full and satisfied. It's GOT to taste horrible, right? Have you tried this? Does it work?

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06/21/2013 2:58PM
Why People Are Putting Butter In Their Coffee
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06/21/2013 3:16PM
"It's got to taste horrible, right?": In my opinion, wrong, it's creamy and smooth and cuts any bitterness in the coffee. But you be the judge - taste is personal. But more importantly, like you said, it gives a good does of saturated animal fat which is actually very good for metabolism and overall health, provided that it comes from happy, grass-fed cows, not diseased feed-lot cows. The lipid hypothesis has been disproved for a while now - so enjoy your butter and bacon Portland! *As if you aren't already :)*
06/21/2013 3:18PM
Why would it taste horrible?
Can't comment on your Facebook page for some reason so I thought I'd weigh-in here "It's GOT to taste horrible, right?" There's no reason it would; have you ever had anything with butter that tasted worse because of it? Aside from adding a bit of oiliness (some already exists in the beans) and maybe a touch of salt (helps neutralize coffee's acidity) it's basically the same as creamer (considering butter is made from churned cream), better actually when you consider all the sugars and flavoring added to store-bought creamers.
06/21/2013 3:40PM
It doesn't taste horrible,
I just did it in my coffee and it added that buttery flavor to it much like you get from toast. Now whether my butter is from Hippie cows or as portland puts it "diseased feet-lot" cows, I don't know. frankly I lose weight with math and science...the paleo diet is the new atkins, a fad now ...debunked later.
06/21/2013 6:06PM
Atkins is still the best by far!
Atkins is still around and still the best! It has never been 'debunked' and actually has been proven over and over by research that it works, because it is a natural diet as opposed to the low fat craze that made everyone fat to being with. I like it better than paleo and I'm not so sure adding butter to coffee would be considered paleo acceptable. I was under the impression, from paleo-ists, they do not eat dairy. Either way I'm not so sure it'll help you lose weight. I don't think it would taste bad though. I probably won't do it, but that's because I like good old fashioned cream in my coffee and I'm doing great on Atkins! :p
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