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What The Color of Your Car Says About You!

Does the color of your car tell the world what kind of personality you have?  Color consultant and trend forecaster Leatrice Eisman says it does......and here's what she says the color of your car says about YOU:
Black: Powerful, Classic, Elegant 
If you drive a black car, you are a person who is not easily manipulated. You love elegance and appreciate that which is classic. This is a person who probably wears a lot of black in their wardrobe because that color really speaks to empowerment.
White: Pure, Pristine, Direct
White car owners are hard to please. Can be high maintenance.  The woman who chooses a white ride is more likely to keep her car super clean.
Silver: Futuristic, Prestigious, Elegant
This is not the kind of person who would be satisfied with gray. They would have to have that metallic finish because they want it to look more prestigious. This is the kind of personality that appreciates elegance with a bit of flash.
Red: Sensual, Dynamic, Outgoing
These people are bold & sensual.  They like to be seen as someone who really stands out and they like to call attention to themselves.  It’s definitely an outgoing individual.
Gray: Neutral, Sober, Practical
Owners of gray cars are usually very practical, very pragmatic. They’re people who make lists and talk things out.
Light-Mid Blue: Calm, Faithful, True; Dark Blue: Confident, Credible, Authoritative
Light-to-mid blue is always considered cool to the touch, cool to the eye. People who choose this color car are usually the kind of people who have a calm demeanor to the point of really being unshakable. They’re very faithful. This is the kind of person that if it’s your friend, they’re going to be your friend forever.
Orange: Artistic, Individual, Complex
People who choose orange are usually very artistic, creative, original, and charming. There’s a certain complexity to this kind of personality as well.
Brown: Powerful, Unique; Beige: Natural, Down-To-Earth
Yellow: Joyful, Sense Of Humor
A person who chooses yellow really knows that they’re going to be noticed and they usually have a great sense of humor.
Drak Green: Well-Balanced, Trustworthy, Traditional; Light Green: Organic, No-Fuss, Understated
This is someone who usually leads a well-balanced life.  The deeper the green, the more trustworthy, and also the more traditional.
Gold: Warm, Intelligent, Glamorous
These people also love comfort and will pay for it. It’s an attention getter, but a very glamorous one.

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06/17/2013 7:06AM
What The Color of Your Car Says About You!
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