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Vacation?s almost over

I should probably be in bed right now, enjoying my last few hours of vacation, but I can't sleep! My mind is going over everything I need (and want) to do when I get back into work on Monday.....like start blogging again. ;-) I hope your Holidays were great and that the snow didn't screw up too many of your plans (grrrrrr). I guess there is something to be said for staying home and getting reacquainted with your cats, but I did miss some parties that I really wanted to go to. :-( Next year, I am buying chains in July, while the store still have them! When I wasn't napping, reading, watching a marathon of "Rock Of Love Charm School", or baking (and eating) entirely too many cookies, I surfed music blogs and checked out everyone's "Best of '08" lists. I don't know why they insist on calling them "Best Of" lists, because there's always going to be something on the list that someone doesn't think is very good, let alone the "Best".......Soooo.......This is NOT a "Best Of '08" list. It's more like "CDs I liked enough to buy and play over and over and over again in 2008." Some of them you have heard on the Buzz, some of them you haven't. Enjoy...and if there was a CD that you loved, but isn't on this list, let me know! I'm always looking for new favorites. In no particular order:
This one is a great soundtrack for any party. Highly danceable and reminds me of some of my fave '80s music.

Beck never makes the same CD twice....and I love them all. Some have taken a little while to grow on me, but this one was love at first listen.




This is a CD that I got right after I saw Adele in concert. It's not my "normal" style, musically, but her voice has a power to it that is really rare. She makes you feel these songs. Which is why I love this CD.


I got this one right after I had the guys in for a Celebrity Playlist. I didn't skip through one of the tracks and when it was done, I listened to the whole thing all over again. Love it!


I may not be the biggest hip hop fan in the world, but I think Kanye West is amazing. He doesn't rap on this CD. He sings. These songs are dark, melancholy, and haunting....as most good breakup songs should be.


This is the CD you want to listen to if you're having a bad day. It's quirky, fun, and always makes me smile when I hear it.


I discovered these guys on a music blog. If you like The Fray and Keane, you'll like this piano-based pop-rock band from Ohio. BTW....I knew they had to be from the middle of the country, as no one who has ever been poo-bombed by a seagull (like most of us west-coasters) would ever name themselves after those foul (pun! haha!) creatures.


This CD is not deep or serious. It's just a lot of fun! It was a huge part of my summer soundtrack.


Who knew a CD about death could be so hooky, singable, and the most upbeat CD Coldplay has ever done?


Like Adele, when I first heard Justin Nozuka, I was surprised at how much I loved this music. Not my usual style, but his voice just pulled me in.



Btw.....Playlist.com is somewhat limited in available tracks for some of these CDs, so I'm throwing tracks from all of the CDs below into one playlist.....except for Fall Out Boy. They didn't have anything from that one. :-(


Admit it, you wish you were P!nk, don't you? We all do! This CD has a bit more rock edge than her previous CDs, which is fine with me. Perfect fit for her voice and her attitude.

Yes, they are a guilty musical pleasure, but you have to admit that they write songs that get stuck in your head for days. In fact, I'm humming "I Don't Care" while I type this.

Her voice and songs take you to another time and place. Even though there were several British female artists with a retro sound putting out CDs in 2008, this one stood out, thanks to Duffy's unique sound.

Huge Death Cab fan here.....'nuff said.

Like the Lenka CD, this is one the CDs I grab when I need to get happy in a hurry. Fun!

I know, I know....a lot of Keane fans did not like this CD. A couple of the tracks have a very different sound from what we expect from Keane (like "Spiralling", which is in the player). I happen to love "Spiralling because it has such an 80's feel to it. Another fave is "Love Is The End", which has that classic Keane sound. People need to give this CD another chance.




01/04/2009 2:21AM
Vacation’s almost over
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