Sheryl Stewart


Uhhhh....nice (dead) frog hat, Lady Gaga!

Seriously?!?! Is Lady Gaga trying to be the new Bjork or something? This has to be the worst celeb outfit I have ever seen...bring back the swan dress!

05_Flatbed_2 - JULY

Honestly....the swan dress was cuter!



07/21/2009 10:37AM
Uhhhh....nice (dead) frog hat, Lady Gaga!
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07/22/2009 8:24AM
Doing research for her new song. 'It's Not Easy Being Green - techno remix'
07/22/2009 8:25AM
Sheryl Stewart
Haha Ana! I'd almost want to hear that!
07/22/2009 8:28AM
Poor Kermit. Bet she took out his entire family for that. Guess it really isn't easy being green.
07/22/2009 8:28AM
"I love frog legs so much, they are tasty! It's too bad that they didn't give me a to-go box for my food."
07/22/2009 8:35AM
Sheryl Stewart
How funny! That was my first thought, too, Michelle. It's like the Muppets meets the Sopranos on her shoulders!
07/22/2009 8:39AM
Ever since I was little I wanted to have everything that Miss Piggy had. Take that Miss Piggy! Got em'
07/22/2009 9:36AM
Lady Gaga needs to get "riddup" that coat!
07/22/2009 9:40AM
"You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you get to your prince."
07/22/2009 9:43AM
Lady Gaga definitely missed the Rainbow Connection with this fashion disaster. It may not be easy being green, but at least Kermit wore it with simple, tasteful style.
07/22/2009 10:37AM
Is this the new faux fur?
07/22/2009 10:43AM
Sheryl Stewart
haha! You guys are cracking me up!
07/22/2009 10:52AM
Dip her in a little green paint or frog blood, because it is green right?, and her chiseled little frog face will blend right in. That way she is the "TOP FROG".
07/22/2009 6:51PM
Tia Dunham
PETA endorses Kermit outfit, releasing statement "No frogs were harmed in creating this Jim Hensen inspired Castelbajac frock."
07/22/2009 7:05PM
Steve Sellers
Yes, Ladies and gentlemen, we can confirm it she is wearing Kemit.
07/22/2009 7:09PM
All the chinchillas of the world can rest easy tonight, its frogs she's after now.
07/23/2009 6:19AM
sarah adams
There was a small froggie that sat on a head, One little slip and he'll end up dead, Just like those that lie below.
07/23/2009 12:35PM
07/23/2009 5:27PM
Tia Dunham
Hey hey..we've got some good ones! Just wondering if you have gotten a chance to pick the winner and how you'll let them know if they have won?
07/24/2009 5:45AM
Loreen Garde
It's like she fell into a pond of frogs and is barried up to her neck like in the sand, with just her head showing. kinda icky.. I expect one of them to jump off!!!!Good thing she didn't add a lily pad to that hat, then it would be really creapy!
07/24/2009 6:08AM
Sheryl Stewart
Congrats to Alicia H for winning this one! NEW contest (and last chance this week for Blue October tix) going up soon! ;-)
10/15/2009 3:25PM
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