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Too Old To Get a Tattoo.....at 31???

Is 31 too old to get a new tattoo? I think that's ridiculous, but the majority of people in a new survey say it's the cutoff point. Here's a list of the other "cutoff ages" for stuff everyone does:

  • Getting a new tattoo - 31
  • Routinely ending a text or email to a stranger with a kiss - 35
  • Using text short-forms such as LOL - 29
  • Using emoticons in texts and tweets - 26
  • Wearing a baseball cap - 32
  • Wearing a bikini - 48
  • Riding a skateboard - 26
  • Having a ponytail (for a man) - 29
  • Having a goatee beard - 34
  • Having a body piercing - 29
  • Wearing a crop top - 28
  • Wearing very high heels - 34
  • Going to a music festival - 41
  • Kissing in the street - 24
  • Wearing Speedos - 26
  • Watching reality TV - 31
  • Wearing a mini-skirt - 27
  • Dancing at a nightclub - 37
  • Riding a snowboard - 36
  • Wearing Croc sandals - 33
  • High fiving anyone - 27

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07/08/2014 12:12PM
Too Old To Get a Tattoo.....at 31???
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07/08/2014 2:08PM
There are no age restrictions on any of that. Who ever came up with this with obvious we want everyone to conform to their ideals of what a person to do. I think anyone who wants to get a tattoo over the age of 31 should get the tattoo as long as they can afford it. And the Whole entire goatee thing for guys have you not seen Hugh Jackman and he's over 40.
07/08/2014 2:24PM
Who did they survey?
Ummm ... what age group did they survey ... teenagers? or pre-teens?
07/08/2014 2:30PM
Do whatever the f@ck you want.
07/08/2014 3:20PM
I think only people that look good in speedos should wear them and trust me there are people under 26 that shouldn't wear them! If I have to abide by these rules I am already in trouble. There are no age restrictions on any of these things. You are only as old as you feel and trust me I can do anything I want! And I'm 36!
07/08/2014 4:20PM
Sexy Gramma
I can't ride Boards anymore or wear bikini...but I've pierced nips /belly button and tattsand am still doing all the other things as well! :-) life is short...play. nakked!!!
07/08/2014 4:28PM
Must have been 20 somethings that took this survey
I'm sorry, none of these things have anything to do with age, if you want to get a tattoo, wear a bikini, have a goatee, do it, age is irrelevant.
07/08/2014 9:30PM
jason dolden
If u are over 31yrs and your skins is ok to tattoo go for it my mates are 55yrs and still getting tattoos
07/09/2014 12:12AM
I got my first Tat just a few days before I turned 50 yrs.
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