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The Ultimate Survivor Villian? Russell Hantz!

You know, I can see why people hated Russell on Survivor. Watching him at first, I thought he was the biggest jerk to ever play the game. Then as time went on, I realized that everyone in this game lies and tricks people. Some people are just better at it.....and Russell was QUITE good at it. So good, that when people finally realized he played them, they were so mad, they refused to give him the million dollars. He also found hidden idols with such frequency, the producers are now changing how they do the hidden idols, citing "The Russell Factor". Love him or hate him, this guy changed the game. After talking to him, I realized how easy it was for him to pull people in....he's actually charming and funny. I found myself inviting him to come to station to hang out and chat and drink beer. I don't even drink beer. That, my friends, is the Russell Factor at work. Haha! I hope you enjoy the interview. He's clearly still a bit bitter that Sandra won. He explains why he didn't think she was a worthy opponent and shares some stuff that CBS didn't show us. He also talks about: How his wife felt about watching him and "his queen", Parvati... His regrets, as he was watching, at home, with his family....His new strategy, should he play again.....His secret for manipulating people easily......Which players he actually respected (surprise! Boston Rob is one of them).....oh yeah, and he thinks Sandra stinks and Colby is gay......you'll just have to listen to the whole thing to hear the rest. Enjoy! ...and thank you, Russell, for being so entertaining. I really do hope we see you on tv again....maybe on "The Amazing Race"? ;-) russell hantz

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05/19/2010 8:22AM
The Ultimate Survivor Villian? Russell Hantz!
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05/19/2010 10:04AM
I disagree. I think Sandra was the person to win. She played a great game and was able to make it all the way to the end. The name is Survivor and she was able to survive although many of the odds were against her. Her game was mostly defensive and was able to bob and weave when necessary. They do say the best offense is a good defense.
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