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Step Aside, Jennifer Anniston! (Crazy News Quiz)

According to this New York Times Article, the hottest & most requested celebrity hair belongs to......... Blake Lively! She does have gorgeous hair and (of course), it's all natural, so SHE doesn't really have to do much to it. Those stylists in NYC say they can give you the same look for around $1200 A MONTH!! That's without extensions, btw....add an extra $1500 a piece for those. If you want to try getting Blake Lively hair at home, here's how her Gossip Girl stylist does it: Step 1: Cleanup Crew Shampoo with Kérastase Bain Satin 2. “I use the Kérastase mask on Blake twice a week. Her hair gets styled every day for the show, so it goes through a lot.” Step 2: Root Cause While hair is still wet, spritz roots with David Babaii Bohemian Beach Spray. “This beach spray isn’t sticky and gives Blake a lot of lift at her roots. Then I lift her hair up with a Mason Pearson brush and blow dry the roots to create volume.” Step 3: Make Waves “After the hair is dry, I’ll take random, one or two inch-wide sections of Blake’s hair and wrap them around a curling iron. I hold the iron vertically and wrap the hair around it, leaving about half an inch out. On the sides of the head, I wrap the hair away from the face. In the back, I wrap it in different directions so the hair doesn’t become one big curl.” Step 4: End Game Rub a small amount of Kérastase Lait Nutri-Sculpt for Blow Dry Protection between palms and rake fingers through hair ends, starting from underneath and avoiding the root area. “Blake has a big old head of hair and I just use a pea size. If your ends are a little dry, this styling cream seals them and makes them look healthy.” Step 5: Bun Time Using fingers instead of a brush or comb, pull hair back into a loose bun and secure with a large hairpin (elastics will create a dent). “Blake sits with the bun while she’s getting her makeup done. These 30 minutes help the hair set and loosens the curling iron curls.” Step 6: Extra Volume “After I take her hair out of the bun, I’ll tease Blake’s roots with the Mason Pearson. I lift the hair up and brush down once to add lift.”

06/02/2010 9:25AM
Step Aside, Jennifer Anniston! (Crazy News Quiz)
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