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Skinny Is Overrated!

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" is such a lie. It doesn't feel good to have your stomach rumbling, while you try to choke down pieces of rice cake and tell yourself that you aren't really eating styrofoam packing material. It doesn't feel good to not have enough energy to ride bikes with your child because you've only had 300 calories that day (and are feeling guilty about that). It doesn't feel good to watch your friends enjoying chocolate birthday cake, while you try to pretend you are too full from the tasteless side salad with no dressing that you had for lunch. I've been skinny at different times in my life. It was a constant 24/7 battle against my own body's life preservation system and it was exhausting.....and I was miserable. At some point, I gave up on being skinny and just focused on trying to be healthy. I couldn't wear size 2 anymore, but I felt SO MUCH better! I'll bet if you asked my family & friends, they would tell you that I became much more fun to be around. I talked to Danielle Milano, MD this week about her book, "Skinny Is Overrated" and her visit to Portland this Sunday (more on that in a minute). Danielle has a clinic in New York that specializes in helping women live healthy lifestyles. The first step is realizing that your body is genetically designed to be a certain size. You may be bigger or smaller than what your body is designed to be and if you are, you probably feel tired, sick, irritable.....basically miserable most of the time. You're also setting the stage for serious health problems that could shorten your life and greatly affect the quality of it. Danielle's program has 10 basic steps to follow: 1) Stop drinking soda (especially diet soda....it confuses your brain and makes you eat more) 2) Exercise by walking every day (if you can do more, than go for it, but this is the minimum everyone should do) 3) Avoid all foods with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) 4) Avoid all foods with trans-fats 5) Eat foods containing healthy fats every day (Yes to olive oil!) 6) Eat a green leafy vegetable every day 7) Reduce the starches (but feel satisfied by using more of the good fats) 8) Obtain enough Vitamin D through sunshine or eating oily fish such as sardines 9) Never go hungry 10) Sleep 8 hours a night. I'm having some technical issues with posting the interview here. I'll edit it and put it up in several pieces over the next few days. In the meantime, you should know that Danielle has a lot of scientific evidence to back up what she says and a lot of it is eye-opening! You can meet Danielle and hear her speak in more depth about this at Hotel Monaco this Sunday! Tickets are $25, which includes brunch, mimosas and a copy of Skinny is Overrated (a $16 value). All proceeds benefit Dress for Success Oregon. Here's the link for more info! Please come back to this blog post on Tuesday for the full interview, but in the meantime, be SURE to check out Danielle's book, "Skinny Is Overrated". Of course, if you go to Hotel Monaco on Sunday, you will get a copy of the book to take home.

11/12/2010 7:26AM
Skinny Is Overrated!
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