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These 10 Words Will Get You A Date!

Researchers say they know the 10 most effective words you can use in your dating profile. How would they know? They did a big project, analyzing thousands of eHarmony profiles. People that got the most dates used a lot of the same words. These lists are slightly different for men and women, but feel free to try 'em out and see how they work for you:


Sweet +46% Physically fit +69%
Ambitious +39% Ambitious +64%
Thoughtful +30% Perceptive +63%
Spontaneous +30% Passionate +53%
Physically fit +22% Optimistic +44%
Funny +21% Funny +38%
Outgoing +19% Spontaneous +33%
Optimistic +17% Thoughtful +21%
Hard working +17% Affectionate +17%
Passionate +16% Outgoing + 17%


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Whoa! This Might Be The Most Disturbing Thing You See All Day

Have you seen the surveillance video of the teacher who roughed up a 6 year old boy....at one point, grabbing his face? Wow....it's hard to watch. the teacher got a 10 day suspension. Do you think the punsihment is enough?


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Rare Twins Born Holding Hands!!!
Awwwwww....and ON Mother's Day, no less. How is that even possible? They shared an amniotic sac and placenta. These type of twins are extremely rare, as the doctor in the video says. Check it out below:
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This Man Spends $17,000 A Year on His Looks.....Worth it?

Matt Dunford calls himself "Britain's Vainest Man" because he spends nearly $17,000 a year on his looks (eyelash tinting, spray tans, etc). He says it's worth it, as he gets a lot of random job offers and big tips as a stripper. Ok....as much as this guy makes me laugh at his cluelessness, he did get me thinking and mentally adding up all the money I spend in a year on looking good....some of it a COMPLETE waste. LOL!  I definitely waste too much money there. How much do you think you spend on your looks in a year?


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When Selfies Go Horribly Wrong!

I have to say, I don't blame this kid. If I were on a hike and saw an adorable squirrel just sitting there, I'd probably want a selfie with it, too. Well, now I know better! Yikes! Check out the video to see what happens......when selfies go wrong!


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