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Save Money By Knowing WHEN To Shop

Back-to-school shopping can be expensive! (...and if you're like me, you aren't even done yet! Yikes!) The website, shopittome.com has been studying retailers patterns and they say there are specific "Savings windows" for everything and if you know WHEN to shop for certain things, you can save a lot of money. For example: * For the biggest markdowns (41% off) on the most categories of boys’ clothing, Moms should shop on Wednesday. * Discounts on girls’ clothing items online average 36% off most days of the week, but shop on Saturday for bigger sales on casual pants (63% off) and skirts (47% off). * The best day to save on boys’ shoes is Friday for discounts on average of 54% off. For girls’ shoes and jeans, however, shop on Tuesday for the best price cuts (49% and 38%). There is a LOT more over at www.shopittome.com ....and YES, there are best times to buy non-clothes items, too! According to smartmoney.com: Appliances When to buy: During a holiday weekend. Why: You'll find sales on select models all year long, but retailers bring out the big guns for holiday weekends, says Carolyn Forte, homecare director for the Good Housekeeping Institute. But don't worry about spending your Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends shopping for a new fridge — smaller holidays like Columbus Day and President's Day have their share of sales, too. Baby Clothes When to buy: During your pregnancy. Why: Once you know your due date, keep an eye out for end-of-season clearances, recommends Alan Fields, co-author of "Baby Bargains." "If you're [newly] pregnant now, you know you'll be having a baby next summer," he says. "Well, right now, stores are closing out all the summer clothes." You can pick up newborn essentials like onesies for less than half price. (For more ways to save, see our column Oh Baby!) Broadway Tickets When to buy: Hours before the curtain rises. Why: How does a $25 front-row seat to the smash musical "Wicked" sound? Several musicals offer same-day ticket lotteries that offer up orchestra seats at inexpensive prices. If you'd rather not gamble on getting a seat, wait in line at the famous TKTS booth in Times Square. There, you can get tickets for hit musicals for up to 50% off. On a recent night, prime seats were available for "Hairspray," "Rent," "Sweeney Todd" and "Beauty & the Beast." (For the right times to drop by TKTS, and other ways to save, see our column A Midsummer Night's Dream.) Cars When to buy: Weekday mornings in September. Why: By September, all the next year's models have arrived at the lot, and dealers are desperate to get rid of the current year's leftovers, says Phil Reed, consumer advice editor for Edmunds.com. It's the prime time of year for incentives and sales, not to mention bargaining. "Any car that's been on the lot for a long time loses its value in the eyes of the car salesman," he says. Heading to the dealership on a weekday morning also helps because there's low foot traffic, meaning you'll have ample time to negotiate and fewer people trying to buy the same car. The more demand, the less willing a salesman is to go down on price, says Reed. (For more, see our column Summer Car Savings.) Champagne When to buy: December Why: Most people assume that because everyone wants a good bottle of Champagne for New Year's Eve that prices go up during the holidays, says Sharon Castillo, director of the Office of Champagne, USA, which represents the trade association of growers in the Champagne region. But due to fierce competition among the Champagne houses, prices are actually lower during the holidays than they are at any other time of year. (For more on picking the right bottle, see our column Break Out the Bubbly.) Clothing When to buy: Thursday evenings, six to eight weeks after an item arrives in stores. Why: After an item lingers in stores a month or more, retailers start dropping its price to get it out the door, says Kathryn Finney, author of "How to Be a Budget Fashionista." These season-end clearances tend to be the same month that designers host fashion weeks (February and September) to preview the next fall or spring collections. So smart buyers can check the catwalk to see if any of this season's trends — say, leggings or military-style jackets — will still be hot next year, and then scoop them up on clearance. Hitting the mall on a weekday ensures you'll get a good selection. "On the weekend, you'll only get picked-over stuff because the stores don't have time to restock," she says. By Thursday, most of the weekend sales have begun, but everything available is on the floor. Computers and electronics When to buy: Just after a new model is launched. Why: When the latest and greatest of a product is released, you'll often see prices drop on what had previously been the best thing out there, says Tom Merritt, executive editor for CNET.

08/17/2010 10:49AM
Save Money By Knowing WHEN To Shop
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105.1 The Buzz » Save Money By Knowing WHEN To Shop | Casual Pants
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