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Here are a few images from some of our favorite "News Of The Weird" stories! But before scrolling down....remember, MANY of these images are extremely disturbing!! Are you sure you really want to look?? Got a story suggestion or a News Of The Weird Tip?? Drop me an email! mitch@1051thebuzz.com!!


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Mitch's News of The Weird!

Is this a spider that is large enough to tip over a trash can??   No...it's actually a Coconut Crab!   These land-based creatures wander around many of the islands of the Pacific and have been reported to grow as large as SIX FEET ACROSS!!

Do you want a tattoo but don't know where on your body to put it?    How 'bout your teeth?!  A studio in Utah is offering Teeth Tattoos! Here we go again.....maybe.    Remember last summer's Montauk Monster?   A couple in Long Island, NY claim to have witnessed another mysterious creature wash ashore...and they now have it sitting in their freezer waiting identification.  Tasty! The NASA panoramic camera known as SPIRIT recently photographed an odd-shaped rock on the surface of Mars....some folks think it is an alien skull.   See the eye sockets and what appears to be a nose?  What do you think?   Just a rock, or the head of a martian?? Check out the mysterious "blob" that recently washed ashore in Guniea!  Is it the elusive giant squid...or maybe a new species of octopus...or perhaps an entirely new creature?!   Or it could just be whale blubber.... And you thought YOU were having a bad day....this is why you always read the owner's manual that comes with your power nail gun!   Fortunately this guy is expected to fully recover.  Ouch! Even if you are afraid of spiders, how could you be fearful of this sweet little guy? He's the Hawaiian Happy Face Spider....and he just wants to love you! Bet you've never seen a dog with TWO NOSES!  It's called a Double-Nosed Andean Tiger Hound....they are amazing hunters because they can smell EVERYTHING!!  Thought to be no longer in existence...this one was recently discovered in a remote area of Bolivia. A family in North Carolina woke up to find their family SUV had been ripped apart by some type of mysterious creature!  But what animal would eat a car? A fella in Russia went to the hospital complaining of severe chest pain....after examining his x-rays, doctors performed surgery to remove what they thought was a tumor....it was actually a five centimeter long FIR TREE growing in his lungs! Where is THE strangest place on your body to have an extra nipple?   How 'bout the bottom of your foot!  That's exactly where a 22 year old woman in Brazil had one growing! Here's a picture of the extremely rare Megamouth shark.   A fish just like this one was just caught off the coast of the Phillippines, and only a handful of these sharks have ever been discovered....and you won't believe what the fisherman did with it! How would you like a dog that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand?  Meet Tom Thumb...a Chihuahua-Jack Russell mix that only weighs three ounces and is only four inches long!  He's still a puppy, but his owners don't expect him to get much bigger which would easily make him the smallest dog in the world! Curators at the Newquay Aquarium in England had no idea why fish in the tank kept disappearing...they just couldn't imagine what was eating them, until they finally got their eyes on this little fella:  A GIANT SEA WORM!  He entered the aquarium attached to a piece of coral as a tiny  little baby worm and just kept eating and growing! And since we're on the subject of worms....check out these little beauties:   The Giant Beach Worm!  They live below the surface of the sand on beaches across Australia...and they grow to about 8 feet in length! What an idiot!  A fella in Ohio created a motorized barstool...then got a DUI when police caught him driving home on this thing drunk! Do you think of a deer as a sweet, cuddly, lovable creature?  Then you have obviously never encountered the Chinese Vampire Deer!!  These things (actually called Chinese Water Deer) have fangs that can grow as long as THREE INCHES! This is why you NEVER,EVER use scissors as a toothpick!   A guy in China was doing just that when a friend told a joke, he started laughing and next thing he knew, he had swallowed them whole!   Fortunately surgeons were able to remove them! In China, to save money on executions they have created a fleet of "Death Vans" to bring the executioner directly to the prisoner....if you see one of these in the front of your house, don't answer the door! As promised....here are a couple of images of Guinea Worms being removed from its human host...as far as creepy parasites go, at least this one looks more like pasta than a worm! Ever wonder what a family of gorillas look like when they are drunk on alcholic bamboo sap??  Wonder no more! And finally...the hangover sets in! Poor sweet Mayflower the pony...her legs are VERY short and because of that, from a distance it looks like she is a average sized horse that is stuck in the mud!   Firefighters have been called FOUR times to rescue her! Meet Kenji...the robot that has been programmed to love!   Unfortunately, Kenji now "loves" too much and he refuses to let researchers leave the lab...they are afraid he may love them to death! Something quite odd...and PINK has been spotted swimming in Louisana's Lake Calcasieu.  It is believed to be the world's only PINK bottlenose dolphin!! Meet "Ugly Bat Boy"...the ugliest cat in the world!!  MEOW! Tired of your boring wardrobe...maybe you need to add a snappy new hat to your collection!   Check out this headwear featured at London Fashion Week...it is made completely of rat and mice carcasses collected around London. Do you like body piercings?  Bet you don't like 'em as much as Elaine Davidson...she has a total of 6, 005 piercings on her body.  Ouch! Remember the woman that had a mole that grew into a horn (scroll down to see her lovely picture)....well, it looks like she has some company!  Meet Wang Ying!  He, too has a horn...but he can do tricks with his--like lifting a bunch of bricks! Need to freshen up your dog's or cat's appearance?   Try a wig or hairpiece from a company in California that makes hair products exclusively for animals! Tired of losing your glasses?  Maybe it's time for you to try Permanent Glasses...they are attached to your face with a piercing through your upper nose! Need to freshen up your appearance?  Are you running out of places on your body to wear jewelery?  Try bedazzling your eyeballs!  It's a surgical procedure that attaches a tiny piece of jewelrly to your eye! Hey bad guys....next time you commit a crime don't be surprised if you find yourself covered with "spider webs"!  Check out this cool new robot security guard! Check out the HUGE kidney stone doctors removed from a patient in Hungary!   Thank goodness that didn't wait for it to pass naturally!! Residents of Lincolnshire, England reported seeing strange orange and yellow lights in the sky above their town earlier this week, and then something severely damaged a 65 foot long blade on a huge wind turbine!  And now the blade is no where to be found!?   What the heck did it?? THIS is why you should always look before you sit...that thing in the X-Ray that looks like a huge can of hairspray....is actually a huge can of hairspray.  OUCH! Check out this guy pulling a two-thousand pound car with HIS EYELIDS!!  Why oh why would you want to do this?

Le Trong is an inventor in Canada and he is so busy, he has never had a chance to find the perfect woman to spend his life with...so Le created a robot named Aiko!  She cleans, does household chores, and even has Le's favorite drink waiting for him every evening!  He says she is the perfect companion!

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In Austria, Santa keeps track of who's been naughty and nice -- and unleases a 7-foot-tall horned devil on the naughty. He's called the Krampus, and he's unlike any Christmas tradition you've ever seen.  I think I'll be EXTRA good this year!! In these tough economic times, we could all learn a little something from Ioana Cioanca of Romania...she has been collecting her own hair since she was a child, and now she has turned it into a lovely dress!  How delightfully frugal! A rare medical condition called Artifical Uticaria allows those afflicted to write on their skin using a fingernail...the skin acts almost like paper!   Fortunately it doesn't last too long and think of the money you would save on Post-It notes! The World's Largest Hand.   Lia Hua, of China, has an extremely rare condition that causes his fingers and toes to grow abnormally large (his fingers are bigger than his arm)...but Lia is expected to undergo surgery soon which will hopefully cure his condition. This guy has a rather unique talent...he is able to blow up balloons with his EYES!!  Why would you want to blow up balloons with your eyes?? Awwwww....check out this teeny, tiny little pony that was born in Australia.   He is only 15 inches tall and he is expected to only get a couple of inches taller!  You could carry him in your purse!! What the heck?!  There is a rock on display in a Taiwan museum that is growing HAIR!  And the hair appears to be quite human-like!

Remember the mysterious creatures that washed up on beaches recently?  The Montauk Monster and the Moscow Monster...you can scroll down for pictures.   Well...it looks like they had a cousin in Connecticut!  What the heck IS this?? A group of Japanese researchers, just coming back from an eight-week expedition high in the mountains of Nepal, claim to have found footprints of a YETI, or ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN at an altitude 15,000 feet.  The image on the left is what they claim is a footprint of a Yeti...the image on the right is that of a human.  What do YOU think? Fellas...need something extra special to wear to your next formal event?  Maybe its an important job interview, your wedding, or a blind date...here's a way to make a lasting impression:  Uncle Oinker's Bacon Scented Bacon Print Tuxedo!!  It actually smells like freshly cooked bacon!!   And it only costs a hundred bucks! How would you like to find this little fella in your bed?  Entomologists have indentified this "stickbug", discovered in Borneo,  as the longest insect ever found.   It is over 22 inches long!! Check out the ghostly image captured on film from a shark tank at a huge aquarium in England.  Oh by the way, the aquarium was built on the grounds of an isolation hospital where smallpox victims were held until their death. No...really!! If you are swimming in a river, and you see one of these things coming toward you...get the HECK out of the water!!  It is a type of catfish called a GOONCH and they are incredibly attracted to HUMAN FLESH!!  Fortunately, they are usually only found in rivers in India...so far!

Remember the  mysterious Montauk Monster(page down for pictures)?   Does he have a Russian cousin?  Check out this loveable little guy that, according to Russian newspapers, washed up on an island in the Pacific two years ago....looks cuddly doesn't he!? How many times has this happened to you?  You're busy running errands, and you find yourself just plain exhausted...a quick disco-nap sure would perk you up.  But alas, you have no bed...until now!  Introducing the world's first VERTICAL BED!!  It comes with dark glasses, an umbrella and even noise cancelling headphones...nighty night!  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Science class may never be the same again!  Scientists in Japan have managed to successfully breed transparent frogs!!  And if they can do it with frogs...how far off are see-thru humans?? Feeling a bit blue....feeling a bit blah...maybe you just need to spend some time under the light of the silvery moon!   The inventor of the Interstellar Light Collector claims he can cure everything from near-sightedness to depression just be focusing the beams from the moon onto your head.   Hmmmmm. It's made up of dozens of mirrors, it is over 5 stories high, cost over 2 million bucks to build and the inventor says it can cure all that ails you! Here are some very satisfied clients of the Interstellar Light Collector!  Seems to have worked wonders for them! To celebrate the European Cultural Program in Liverpool, England...organizers created a 50 foot long mechanical spider to scale one of the cities tallest buildings!  Makes sense to me!

Want to feel like James Bond?  Then you need to get yourself one of these super cool new boats called a SeaBreacher!  It's a cross between a submarine and a JetSki!! Until scientists are able to produce flying monkeys, I guess these critters will have to do...even MORE cats with wings have been discovered in the Sichuan province of China!   So far, they cannot fly...but we can hope!  The first pic is the orginal...then check out two more kitty-birds that have been discovered! This just cannot be good news...check out the odd animals in the news this week:  A cat named YODA, born with FOUR ears!   A turtle born with two heads (and they even fight over food)!  And a fish found with TWO mouths!!  What is going on?? OK...this one is creepy...check out these pictures from a funeral in Puerto Rico.   The guy's last wish was to be standing upright for his memorial service....so the mortician did it! What the HECK is it??  This lovely little creature was found by fisherman on the beaches near The Hamptons, NY.  Is it a mutant creature of some type?  Is it a giant tortoise without its shell?  Is it an alien? OMG!  Check out the piglet born this week to a farmer in China...he has a HUMAN FACE!! Spooky spirit trapped inside a log...or just a coincidence?  Check out what a cemetary groundskeeper found inside a tree near a grave! These faceless "ALIENS" have been popping up at A-List events all over England!  Are they limelight-seeking pranksters, or performance artists,  or are they part a viral marketing campaign for an as-yet unknown product?  Or maybe...they're actually ALIENS!! What happens when you let a giant domestic rabbit eat as much out of your garden as he wants??  You get SUPER BUNNY!! (And in case you are curious...or if Ted says something, NO...this image, from National Geographic Magazine,  has not been altered or retouched.  It is the largest domestic rabbit currently on record...so there!) Have you always wanted to see a guy jump off of a 35 foot platform into a kiddie pool containing ONLY 12 inches of water??   Then by all means...CLICK HERE!! If you see this hovering above your house this summer...DON'T PANIC!!  A company in China is selling remote operated FLYING SAUCERS!!  According to the company, these babies (that can fly as high as 3,200 feet) are great for photographic surveillance, emergency lighting, and totally freaking out your neighbors!! How would you like to live in the world's first MOVING SKYSCRAPER??  It is scheduled to open in Dubai in 2010, and residents can cause their entire apartment to rotate 360 degrees with a simple voice command! Check out the very interesting discovery made at a wildlife preserve in Italy...they have spotted and photographed A UNICORN!! (ok..its actually a deer with a single horn growing from the center of its head, and it may or may not have actual magical powers...but it is still pretty interesting right?  Right?) Poor little fella...stuck in the vending machine! The 2008 Summer Games in Beijieng are only a few weeks away, and many locals are extremely excited.  Including Dr Wei Sheng...he inserted 2008 colorful needles into his head to celebrate the Olympics!   How does he sleep?? Are you hungry?  REALLY hungry?   Why not swing into the "Modern Toilet" Restaurant next time you are in Taiwan! Fellas:  Are you tired of coming home to an empty bed night after night?  Then have we got the invention for you!!  Introducing the VIRTUAL WOMAN!! Can't afford a prom dress...just do like this high-school senior did...make one.  OUT OF GUM WRAPPERS!! What the....??  How did this gecko get inside an uncracked chicken egg??  Scientists are baffled! This 12 year old boy in India was born with an extremely rare genetic condition (only 50 people in the world have ever been diagnosed)  that causes hair to grow over his entire body...even laser treatments will not keep the hair from coming back!  Medical experts say his case may be the most extreme ever. Check out what postal workers in Philadephia stumbled upon...they heard scratching coming from some packages, decided top open 'em up....and surprise!!  GIANT BEETLES!! A small town in Texas is being victimized...by THE EARTH!!  It's swallowing up the town!  And it is still growing!! Lost an ear recently...don't worry, you can just grow a new one on the back of a mouse!! Visitors to a wildlife park in Sakai, Japan love feeding the Macaca Monkeys so much, many of the poor fellas now have a SERIOUS weight problem!  Fortunately, the monkeys are now on a strict diet! Check out this fish...it walks!! Scientists have discovered an entirely new type of fish...it has eyes on the front of it's head (rather than on the side like ALL other fish), and it doesn't swim...IT CRAWLS ON ITS FOUR FIN-LEGS!! Poor Bear stuck in a tree..... Here's the 200 lb. brown bear that was chased up a tree...by two KITTENS! Check out these rare animal hybrids: Polar Bear and Brown Bear=Bolar Bear Sheep and a Goat= Geep A Tiger and a Lion= Liger Shetland Pony and a Zebra=Shetbra A type of Killer Whale and a Bottlenose Dolphin=Wolphin What the heck is this creature?? Do these pictures prove the existence of the legendary Shunka Warak'n??

Ever wonder what a guy would look like wearing a shirt made out of live bees?  Wonder no more my friends! A woman in Kentucky is angry at a local retailer for selling her these Silly Straws that she thinks are suggestive and obscene...what do you think? Pictures of the skiers involved in the 1959 Dyatlov Pass Accident just before "the accident" This is the Giant Snakehead fish, normally only found in Southeast Asia, but a fisherman in England recently reeled in one of these bad boys!  They are deadly to everythign they come in contact with (including humans), can survive for FOUR days out of water and can even crawl on land!   Have a nice day! There is no stronger bond than that of a boy and his beloved pet....BUT come on...a twenty foot python??  And he sleeps with him every night!  The family thinks the snake has magical powers...and the python hopes the boy tastes like chicken! They are FINALLY here!!  Personal Jetpacks from Thunderbolt Aerosystems!  You can fly over trees, cars, neigbors...anything!  And you can have your very own for only $50,000.00! Pictures from the Mars Rover....what do you think?  Does this prove the existence of a colony of Bigfoot-type creatures on Mars?? Here ya go Ladies...meet Yu Zhenhuan...the world's hairiest man!  And here's the really good news....he's looking for a wife!!

Chupacabra LIVES!  At least for a little while it did... Yes this cat is growing wings...and no, it can't fly...at least not yet! Keep your eyes open for Nanobots....Big Brother may be listening to you! This guy had human ear cells placed in his arm.  Oh yeah, he's an artist! Stumpy the Duck was born with four legs...and the other ducks won't play with him. Stumpy is all grown up and he has finally found love!  Yippee! Poor lady with a mole-horn...but don't worry about her, she's as nice as she can be and a heck of a good cook! So that explains my headaches...I have a four inch pencil lodged in my head.

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Mitch's News of The Weird!
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