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Is This Proof Of Time Travel??

Take a look at this photograph from the Canadian Virtual Museum. It is from a bridge dedication ceremony in 1940.

See anything strange? Take a closer look at this guy...

Why is he wearing a logo t-shirt, modern sunglasses and carrying a compact camera? Again, this is from the official Canadian Virtual Museum. You can see the photo as it is posted on the official website for Canada: JUST CLICK HERE.

Why would a museum official photoshop a historical picture? And if it is not photoshopped, how did this dude get in the picture?? It has to be time travel!!

10/26/2010 10:36AM
Is This Proof Of Time Travel??
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05/26/2010 1:22PM
Sam H.
Perhaps you should ask the resident Time Travel expert. I, of course, am referring to none other than Kemmer Barnes. Being such an expert on Back to the Future, I'll bet he'd have an interesting perspective on this picture.
05/26/2010 5:16PM
Michael Dearborn
If you look at "Future Dude's" face, you can see that his light source is different from the light source (the sun) that's illuminating everyone else in the photo. The light that is striking "Future Dude" is coming from a source directly behind him, per the shadow being cast by his ear, where as everyone else in the shot is being illuminated by a source from the side, which is why they don't have ear shadows (even those with their heads in the same general position and looking in the same direction as "Future Dude"). Sorry Mitch, this is pretty clearly photoshopped.
06/15/2010 5:37AM
Looks like a college sweater.
10/26/2010 1:38PM
Ron W has a good review of this picture and why it's not a time traveler. Sorry, Mitch.
10/29/2010 5:08AM
Why is this so out of context fot the time? The camera looks to be of the time period, the sweater does too. College kids especially liked wearing v-necks with a shirt underneath.
11/01/2010 11:41AM
Everything this guy was wearing could be found in the 1940's unfortunately it doesn't prove time travel.
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