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House Party!!!

Thank you again, to Legend Homes, for letting me test drive one of their beautiful EarthSmart homes at Edgewater at the Tualatin! We wrapped up Saturday night with a house party! Artemis Catering worked their culinary magic with local, organic ingredients (yum!)....Stoller Winery provided us with eco-friendly vino.....and Jim Chapman, the President, of Legend Homes shared the whole story of why Legend decided to build these amazing homes. When you don't build homes for a living, you don't realize all of the little details and decisions that go into the house. These little decisions can either cost or save you big $$$$ down the road in your home. Jim explained all those details to us.....things like window placement to take advantage of the natural light outside (and to make you more comfortable in your home)....low flow water fixtures to save resources and save money.....special insulation that is blown into every nook and crevice to give you a nice airtight seal against heat and energy loss.....energy saving appliances.....solar panels to provide up to 1/3 of your own energy.....water-saving landscaping.....they thought of EVERYTHING! It's not just talk, either. Legend Homes guarantees that you won't pay more than 58 bucks a month for energy. Jim explains in the video below. If you think about things like saving our Earth's resources....and of course, about saving your own money, you should really talk to Legend Homes about these EarthSmart Homes and Edgewater at the Tualatin. Jim and the rest of the Legend Homes folks are good people and they care about the same things you do. Here's a link....tell them you want more info about the $58 dollar guarantee I told you about!

03/30/2010 1:09PM
House Party!!!
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03/31/2010 8:44AM
My partner and I just toured these homes...and we are going back again for a serious look. I didn't think we wanted to buy new, but these really are more of a values match (personally and dollar-wise) than the older homes we have been looking at.
03/31/2010 10:54AM
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