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Crazy News Quiz for Thursday, July 23

Q- According to a new survey out of the UK, we forget AT LEAST 3 things a day....and this tops the list for most forgotten. What is it? A- Where we left our hot tea (or coffee, since this is the U.S.) Here's a link to the story! Apparently, technology is to blame. We have more to keep track of, so it's easier to forget stuff. If you don't have time for the whole story, here's the top 25 most forgotten things! TOP 25 "MOST FORGOTTEN" 1. Letting a hot cup of tea go cold 2. Where you put your keys 3. What you went to the shop for 4. Washing in the washing machine 5. Taking food out of the freezer 6. Charging your mobile / iPod 7. Not swearing in front of the kids 8. Replacing toilet roll 9. Where you parked the car 10. Friend's kids birthday 11. Watering the plants 12. Your age 13. Friend's birthday 14. Recording your favourite programme 15. Burning toast 16. Write a Thank You letter 17. Names of friend's children 18. Buying milk 19. Locking the car 20. Where you put your wallet 21. Food in the oven 22. Buy a lottery ticket 23. Put the toilet seat down 24. Take the washing in 25. Turn off a tap

07/23/2009 9:53AM
Crazy News Quiz for Thursday, July 23
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01/24/2011 8:59PM
A scarcely any days ago, we analyzed the 2010 flight of fancy baseball pitcher sleepers to watch in 2010. Today, we head for a look at the more high-level side of the equation - invention baseball hitters sleepers. Jack
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