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Crazy News Quiz for Monday, Nov. 2 (you know you're getting dumped when...)

iphone girl Q- According to a nationally known relationship expert, if a girl buys this, you can bet she is about to dump her man. What is it? A - A new cell phone or pager. There are actually 6 major signs you are about to be dumped, according to Lisa Dailey, syndicated dating columnist. Here's the list from one of her recent articles. 6 Signs You Might Be Heading for a Breakup: 1. She's no longer interested in sex, or worse, she's recently learned some new tricks A dramatic change in sexual behavior can mean two things: Either your sweetie is trying to avoid any situation where she might have to express emotion or attachment to you, or she's getting it somewhere else. Old dogs only learn new tricks if someone is teaching them. 2. Picking Stupid Fights If he's picking silly fights, or there's an unusual increase in emotional distance, you've got bad news. If your guy or girl is picking stupid fights all the time, they may be trying to get you to make the first move. 3. He/she says, "I need some space" or "I think we should see other people." By telling you he wants to see other people, he's not technically breaking up with you (so no big crying scene to endure) but he's given himself a way out. Of course, the second he gets a little distance, he's going to make a run for it. 4. She gives you that little pat on the back. Watch out for this one. A person who gives you a hug while patting you on the back is indicating that they are uncomfortable with what they're doing. The bigger the pat, the more discomfort they feel. Could be the kiss in front of Aunt Mildred. Could be garlic breath. Could be you. 5. She buys a pre-paid cell phone or pager. This is a really bad sign. Private investigators everywhere will tell you the pager purchase is a sign of impending heartbreak. Sure, it could be for work, but more likely, she's using it to get a head start on her post-you life. 6. He used to be a blue jeans kind of guy, and suddenly he's obsessed with Armani. A person who is about to leave (or is cheating) will take greater care with his or appearance - updating his wardrobe, losing weight, working out and even changing cologne.

11/02/2009 11:35AM
Crazy News Quiz for Monday, Nov. 2 (you know you're getting dumped when...)
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