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Crazy News Quiz for Friday, August 14

Q- One of the most viral videos on the internet right now features a guy in a leotard, showing off a somewhat useless, but highly entertaining skill. What is his stupid human trick?

A- Catching a laptop with his butt. (YIKES!)

Check out the video below and you tell me....is this real or fake?
I think it's fake, but if it's real, I feel sorry for this guy who has obviously devoted waaaaayy too much time developing a "skill" that's never going to help him in life.....unless, of course, he is suddenly attacked from behind by laptop throwing ninjas. ;-)


08/14/2009 8:57AM
Crazy News Quiz for Friday, August 14
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08/14/2009 9:26AM
I say it is real. You know what companies will do to sell a product. This ad will cause alot of you tube hits and get the word out about the product. Do I think it is crazy? Stupid? Both..... Why oh why would you want to say your talent is to catcha laptop in your back end? Not good for a resume unless you want to be laughed out of the room.
08/14/2009 9:31AM
Sheryl Stewart
Haha, Michelle! There may be a job or two that could use a talented backside, but.....seriously?!?! I'll bet this guy's friends are teasing him mercilessly!
08/14/2009 10:11AM
Man i should've called in...I saw this just yesterday. Showed it to my other friends and they were all saying "it's fake!" Funny video though.
08/14/2009 10:14AM
Gayle Thomas
That is a crack-up ;), and I thought my job was a pain in the butt!
08/14/2009 10:16AM
Sheryl Stewart
Haha! Gayle!!! That's very punny. ;-) I'm going to give you tix to our Buzz Happy Hour Lounge with Uncle Kracker & Howie Day next Wednesday (August 19) at Aloft Hotel. Do you want to go?
08/14/2009 10:17AM
I hope it was a HP Mini computer, ouch!
08/14/2009 10:18AM
Sheryl Stewart
No kidding! Some of those shots look quite painful!
08/14/2009 10:19AM
Gayle Thomas
Yes, I'd love to see Howie Day!
08/14/2009 10:28AM
Sheryl Stewart
ok....just sent you an email
09/04/2009 8:17AM
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