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Bret Michaels Bares His.....Well, Everything.

Guess who is naked on the cover of Billboard magazine? Soooo, does that rock your world? Read the Q&A with Bret here. You're welcome. ;-)

10/04/2010 6:41AM
Bret Michaels Bares His.....Well, Everything.
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10/04/2010 10:49AM
10/04/2010 10:49AM
All I can say is ewwwww..... That can not possibly be his body!!
10/04/2010 10:49AM
This is sooooooo not his body!
10/04/2010 11:57AM
This picture just looks wierd all around the pose is awkward and that is def. not his body!!!!
09/05/2011 11:28AM
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