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Blue October!

blueoctober Blue October is coming back to Portland July 31, playing their fave venue in town, The Crystal Ballroom. Last time they were here, in March, they came into the studio and we talked about all sorts of stuff....like....how much they have changed since becoming first time dads....Justin's tour and friendship with Twilight author, Stephenie Meier.....their new CD....and how Justin isn't nearly as dark as people think he is. Enjoy the interview below and leave a comment! I'll choose a random comment and give them a pair of tickets to see Blue October next Friday, July 31! blue-october-intervew

07/23/2009 7:57AM
Blue October!
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07/23/2009 8:29AM
Wow, Blue October is an amazing band. I did not get a chance to go and see them the last time that they were in town and I hear that I missed a great show :( I will have to see what I can do about going this time. We have 3 kids and do not get out much, but I will have to see what we can do especially since it is summer time! Thanks for giving me something great to listen to in the afternoons. Keep up the great work! Angie
07/23/2009 9:02AM
Hey very cool.....
07/23/2009 9:22AM
That interview was awesome! They are my all time favorite band. I have never had the chance to see them before.I have been recently laid off and trying to come up with a way to get to see them. This seems perfect! Thanks for the great audio.
07/23/2009 9:27AM
I really apprciate Blue October's music. I have been in recovery for 5 1/2 years and it is the only music that makes me feel like I am not alone. When I attended the show this last march, I was brought to tears when you sang hate me. I have lived that. Iwas very impressed about how real you guys are. (I love the fiddle) Your show is the best I have seen all year. Bi-Polar rock is the music of my life. (My kids love Jump rope, they sing it in the car!)
07/23/2009 10:05AM
"The End" is my favorite song on the new cd. I would love to see them perform live. I've heard only good things about their live shows but haven't been able to see it for myself. They are all very talented and see like great guys!
07/23/2009 10:06AM
Awesome interview!! I love the Texas connection, as I was born and raised there. And Twilight!!! How awesome would it be to have them be the first concert I go to ever? And to get tickets on my birthday tomorrow? Heaven. Love their music!!
07/23/2009 10:14AM
My wife LOVES Blue october, I was never a fan, I like tough guy music. She talked me into going the last time they were here and I have to admit that I'm a secret fan now....Don't tell anyone. We're saving all of our money to buy our first home, and it would be really cool to win some tickets for her..........and me :)
07/23/2009 11:04AM
amazing interview as always. Everyone should treat themselves to this show. We all deserve to treat ourselves once in awhile. Music is therapy for me, its the mental health day I allow myself to have. I am pinching here and pulling there; I'l probably end up going by myself; but this is my gift for myself. All my family loves Blue October, my husband the rocker, my 15, 12, 9 & 8 year old. (the only song onthe new album they don't get to lisen to is I saw Red) Thank you for the new music and affecting my life in a positive way; you alolw me to feel what I need to feel and be ok with it. Love & respect.
07/23/2009 11:06AM
Brenda Merrill
For all who haven't been to a show, you owe it to yourself to go to this show. The most amazing show ever. best show I have seen all year!!!
07/23/2009 6:24PM
Brenda Merrill
If you are a Twilight saga fan, you will love the song "My Never" its about Edward and Bella's relationship. It's so hot. I love Blue October and so want to see them again. I think the more I enter the better my chance of winning?
07/23/2009 6:25PM
Brenda Merrill
August 1st is my daughters 15th birthday and she would love to see this show with her mom. It would be a great birthday present for her. When will we know who wins these tickets?
07/24/2009 5:49AM
Brenda Merrill
Blue October is the best band alive!!! Can't wait to hopefully see them again. Bi-Polar Rock is the future of music!!!
07/24/2009 5:49AM
Brenda Merrill
When will we all find out who wins?
07/24/2009 8:07AM
Did you pick a winner yet? We are dying to know!
09/05/2009 6:51AM
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