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Author Joe Hill Throws Some "Horns" Up In Portland!

I first heard about author Joe Hill via Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. He was reading "Heart Shaped Box" and said it was really creepy (in a good way!). As soon as he said the words "It's about a rock star who buys a ghost off the internet", I was on the Powell's website, buying my copy. It was definitely creepy, yet full of dark humor and lots of rock-n-roll references. I loved it! So, you can imagine how excited I was to get Joe's new book, "Horns", about a guy who falls asleep after a drunken night....only to wake up sportin' a new set of horns...yes, on his head! Then people start confessing their deepest, ugliest secrets to him and he decides to use this new power to find a murderer.

Joe Hill is coming to Portland this Wednesday (March 3) for a reading/book signing at Powell's City of Books on Burnside at 7:30pm. I had the chance to talk to Joe about his new book.....rock-n-roll....which of his dad's (Stephen King) books made the best movies....etc! Hope you enjoy the chat below and I hope you can make to Powell's Wednesday night!

Joe Hill talks about "Horns"....his KISS obsession....his dad, Stephen King...and more!
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03/01/2010 12:38PM
Author Joe Hill Throws Some "Horns" Up In Portland!
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03/13/2010 12:58PM
giovanna columbia
Omg! Joe Hill sounds amazing, I will be going to get his books-ASAP! This interview was SOOO enlightening!Why does he call himself Joe Hill if Stephen King is his Dad is it a psuedonum?
03/13/2010 1:05PM
giovanna columbia
Oh and did I mention how handsomely devilish and Rock&Roll he is! Dreamy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorta Kenny Loggins/Jackson Brown look,maybe Bob Seager circa early 70's.
03/16/2010 6:14PM
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03/18/2010 10:03PM
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