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A Night At The Opera!

Photo 14 Here I am.....blogging live from the Portland Opera's production of Cosi Fan Tutte..... Patrick and I just wrapped up a pre-show backstage tour and I sent him off for a martini while I write a little bit about what we have seen so far. I hear the bartender makes a fabulous martini....I may not see Patrick again for a very long time. ;-) The first person we met when we arrived was Jim Fullan, Director of Marketing for Portland Opera, who gave a few insights into this production. This opera, written by Mozart, hundreds of years ago, has a plot that could have been ripped from an episode of Punked.....two guys, decide to test their fiance's fidelity. They pretend to go off to war, only to sneak back in disguise and try to seduce the other guy's girl. What could possibly go wrong? Haha! I guess we will find out. Jim gave us the heads up that the plot is discovered in act 2.....and then, it gets really interesting.... I'm intruiged! Who hasn't wanted to test their significant other's faithfulness. Maybe today these guys would invent fake facebook profiles to run their scam, but the basic need to see if you REALLY know the person you're with has not changed over time...at all. This should be good! I'll load the pics from backstage when Patrick gets back from the martini bar. The set is stunning! Imagine a giant disco ball, turned inside out....all the better for dancing in! In fact, I found myself wishing I could pack it up and take it back to the Buzz for us to host an artist lounge in.....I'm thinking Lady Gaga would LOVE to play this space. IMG_0053 Prop blackboards....."cosi de tutte" translated is "women are like that"......hmmmm, something tells me the guys plan backfires.... IMG_0052 Orchestra pit pre-show IMG_0047 **update*** It's intermission....and everyone is here in the lobby, getting adult beverages....I am writing thoughts on the first half of the show.... IMG_0041 First of all, I cannot say enough about the music. The music is by Mozart and it is brilliantly interpreted by the orchestra and actors. I am amazed that there are no mics. There is such power in their voices, even when singing softly. The actors' voices are finely tuned instruments and it is a beautiful thing to take in. I also cannot say enough about the comedy of the performance. Yes....comedy at the opera. Half of the fun for me has been to watch the facial expressions and the body language of the actors. Ryan MacPherson, who plays Ferrando, has some pretty sweet dance moves that had the gentleman behind me (along with most of the crowd) laughing himself out of his seat at one of the most crucial scenes. It looks like the crowd is heading back to their seats.......I will blog more after the opera has concluded. I do want to say....in defense of the ladies, whose fidelity is being tested.....their men ditched them.....then, two just-as-handsome men started lavishing them with attention and giant boxes of chocolate......I'm not sure any of us could blame them. ;-)

02/05/2010 4:30PM
A Night At The Opera!
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