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A Chat With Adam Young of Owl City

Adam Young of Owl City is excited to tour with John Mayer this summer....I really hope John Mayer doesn't ruin him, because he is such a sweet, nice......well, the word gentleman comes to mind... I still remember hearing "Fireflies" for the first time last summer, at the Wonder Ballroom. I had never heard of Owl City, but they were opening for one of my fave bands on the planet, Relient K. I got the CD and couldn't stop listening to it....driving everyone I know a bit crazy (I tend to do that when I really like a CD). Seems like a lot of people were like me and couldn't get enough of that song. "Fireflies" is one of the biggest hits of the year. Adam Young is bringing Owl City back to Portland Saturday night for a show that sold out pretty much the day tickets went on sale. Adam called in this week to chat and I have to say he was every bit as sweet and kind as I had been told. Listen to clips below! Adam likes to make up stories about the name, Owl City. Here's his fave Adam Young talks about the fake stories behind the name Owl City Adam talks about the song "Fireflies"...it's not really about bug hugs! Adam Young talks about Fireflies Adam gets lots of attention from girls now, and it makes him blush Adam Young talks about all the new attention from girls Adam talks about his random tweet, including one that simply said "diaper rash" Adam Young talks about his random tweets Adam talks about his buddies, Relient K and writing new music with them Adam Young talks about his friendship with Relient K and writing new music Random questions for Adam Young of Owl City Adam Young talks video games, snack foods, and what kind of old man he will be

04/02/2010 8:36AM
A Chat With Adam Young of Owl City
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04/16/2010 9:20AM
i love adam young and im going to see his concert in 2 weeks!!!!!! so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope to see him. he sounds so nice!!!!!!!!!
02/08/2011 5:06PM
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