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7 Things You DON'T Want To Do On Thanksgiving

According to a family & relationship expert, there are 7 major Holiday blunders that your family won't forget (and maybe won't forgive), so avoid (if you can): 1. Criticizing a nephew (or niece). This is the toughest one for me. My daughter was always a model of civility, so little monsters make me nervous! This expert recommends that instead of announcing how you feel out loud, allow his parents to reprimand him. If they aren't saying anything, just politely pull them to the side and ask for a bit of help. 2. Bringing a smelly, inedible dish. This is mainly so you don't end up being the butt of family jokes forever. If you can't cook, buy something to take! 3. Telling a scandalous family secret. For every entertaining family secret, there are ten awkward, uncomfortable me, we don't really want to learn something scandalous about a family member, while we are trapped in a house for hours with them! 4. Arguing with your boyfriend/spouse. This is another tough one. It's hard to hide your feelings! 5. Passing gas at the dinner table. Did this really need to be on the list? LOL! I would think most people would be horrified to be the one who does this, but I guess there are still some outgrown frat boy types who think this is hilarious. 6. Having sex with a relative's man. Once again, does this really need to be said? If you share DNA with someone, their man/woman should be off limits all year long, right? 7. Eating and running out the door. Yes, you have another Thanksgiving to get to....or maybe your family drives you nuts.....but someone worked for a week or more to make this day special, so stick around and enjoy it a little! HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

11/24/2010 11:31AM
7 Things You DON'T Want To Do On Thanksgiving
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11/27/2010 12:34PM
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