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100 Coolest Things On The Planet

Well, this is according to the 3000 British folks, who took this poll. I'm convinced the results would be quite different if Americans were polled. Speaking of which.... I'm a bit surprised that Lady Gaga did not make the list, yet a vacuum cleaner did?! Who else do you think should have been on here? Top 100 coolest things on the planet 1. iPhone 2. Apple 3. The internet 4. iPod 5. Aston martin DB9 6. Cadbury's chocolate 7. Sky+ 8. eBay 9. Mobile phones 10. Facebook 11. Google Earth 12. Audi R8 13. Coca-cola 14. GHD hair straightners 15. Bugatti Veyron 16. Nintendo Wii 17. iPad 18. Friends 19. Concorde 20. Television 21. Johnny Depp 22. New York City 23. YouTube 24. Northern Lights 25. Lego 26. James Bond 27. Mini Cooper 28. Plasma TVs 29. Top Gear 30. VW campervan 31. Glastonbury Festival 32. Dyson vacuum cleaner 33. David Beckham 34. The Simpsons 35. Boeing 747 400 jumbo jet 36. Converse All-Stars 37. Michael Jackson 38. The Beatles 39. Las Vegas 40. Jimi Hendrix 41. The Harry Potter series 42. Pulp Fiction 43. Sex and the City 44. Stonehenge 45. VW Beetle 46. Christian Louboutin shoes 47. Harrier Jump Jet 48. Cheryl Cole 49. Lamborghini Diablo 50. Primark 51. The Wonderbra 52. Ant and Dec 53. Quentin Tarantino 54. Clint Eastwood 55. Avatar 56. Chanel No 5 57. Bang and Olufsen Beolab Speakers 58. David Bowie 59. John Lennon 60. The A-Team 61. Ray Ban sunglasses 62. EastEnders 63. Glee 64. Barack Obama 65. Johnny Cash 66. Calvin Klein underwear 67. Times Square, New York 68. Beyonce 69. Spitfire 70. The Fonz 71. Elvis Presley 72. Ferrari Enzo 73. Harley Davidson motorbikes 74. The X-Factor 75. Dr Martin boots 76. Muhammad Ali 77. Sean Connery 78. Stilettos 79. James Dean 80. The Matrix 81. Frank Sinatra 82. The Twilight Saga 83. Blu-Ray 84. BMW X5 85. Abercrombie and Fitch 86. Topshop 87. Lost 88. Jack Nicholson 89. Jeremy Clarkson 90. Big Brother 91. Cosmopolitan cocktail 92. Diesel jeans 93. Michael Caine 94. Simon Cowell 95. Stevie Wonder 96. The Rolling Stones 97. Leather jackets 98. Dolce and Gabbana 99. Rolex watches 100. Rubix Cube

08/02/2010 9:28AM
100 Coolest Things On The Planet
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