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We all have that friend who has been "trying out" online dating for a while and is getting discouraged because they just aren't getting much interest. An online women's magazine did a survey of their readers and came up with these dating tips for men....from women. I have to say these are pretty right on. Share 'em with a friend who needs 'em!

1. Stop over-using the word "nice"
"Nice" is kind of the same as "fine". While it's a perfectly acceptable word, it's also bland and a bit boring. Using it for everything shows a lack of creativity and (possibly) intelligence. It could also be interpreted as a signal that you just aren't that interested in what you or your date is saying. Tip: An online thesaurus is your best friend when prepping for those awkward first date conversations.
2. Don't lie about your height
If you ever plan to meet in person, don't say you're 6'1", when you're actually 5'7". There's just no way to effectively explain away that lie. Most of us girls will think that if you can lie about something so obvious, you may be lying about all sorts of other things, too.
3. Quit your whining
Everyone has a cheating ex story. Bringing it up all the time is not only a signal that you just can't let go of your ex (red flag!), it also reminds us of our cheating ex. We don't like to think of them! It's depressing. Tip: If you want to find interesting date conversations, spend a few minutes reading the headlines/stories on Gawker or Fark. Plenty of material there. You're welcome.
4. Wear clothes in your profile photos
Seriously! You don't look like Channing Tatum. You just look conceited.
5. Know your spelling and grammar
If you really want to impress a woman, you better know your "your" from "you're," have there/their/they're figured out and at least have a high school level comprehension of punctuation. You would be shocked at how many women find this an instant dealbreaker. Tip: Spellcheck!!!
Bonus tip!
6.  Never EVER talk smack about a pet
Yes. People actually do this. It's not macho, it's rude. Just think of that pet as someone's baby. You wouldn't call someone's baby "ugly", "useless", or "fat", would you? Hope not or you could be lonely for a long time. 

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06/19/2013 11:33AM
Online Dating Tips For Men.....From Women.
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